Do you have an area in your home that is overlooked and underutilized as a decorating moment? Well, that was the case with a hallway leading to a guest bedroom and bathroom in our home, and recently, I set about giving it a little upgrade.

The view into the living room…

Many homes have what is known as a split floorplan, where the primary bedroom is on one side of the house and the secondary bedrooms are on the other. This became popular in the late 80’s and has continued ever since. The idea is to provide more separation between these spaces and allow each bedroom to be more of a private retreat.

The hallway, linen closet, and guest bathroom…
The view from living room into the hallway…I really need to fix that messy cord!
The view from the guest room…
The door to the patio…

In our home, it is more like a split, split floorplan, where there is the primary suite on one side, two bedrooms and a bath on the other, and yet another guest room and bath off of the other side of the living room. The latter bedroom/bath can be cordoned off from the living room with a pocket door, making it a very private, secluded space. Between the pocket door and the bed/bath combo, there is a hallway with a linen closet and a door to the outside patio. This small hall area is what I gave an update to.

Over the past several years, word signs became very popular and were seen in so many applications throughout home decor. Like any design trend, they can be overdone, and are best used in moderation. I admit, I had become enamored with some word signs, especially if they had a special meaning to me. Recently, there has been talk that word signs are going out as a decor item, but I am not ready to get rid of some of my favorites yet.

With that thought in mind, I decided to embrace one of my go-to decorating styles, the power of repetition, and decided to make a wall of wisdom, gallery style, in this hallway. I collected up several of my word signs and plaques and proceeded to arrange them on the end wall of this small hallway, next to the linen closet. After adding some of the signs, I wanted to break up all of the rectangles by filling in with a round plate and a square tile from Jim’s childhood church, St. John’s Episcopal, in Portsmouth, NH.

On the wall between the bathroom and bedroom, I placed a small demilune table with a lamp, a pair of old wireframe glasses, a pocket watch, and a hurricane lamp with a candle. Fun fact: the eyeglasses were my dad’s when he was a little boy, and the pocket watch belonged to his father, my paternal grandfather. Having these items out on display brings a sense of family history to this area.

Above the small table, I continued with the word sign/gallery wall decor by adding a sign, a mirror and a quirky round wooden sign that says “hi.” Across from the table, I hung a hook that has a framed “W” in it, and below the larger gallery installation, I placed an antique black chair. With those additions, this hallway area was complete, so much fun to do, and I just love it.

When my husband got home from work, I couldn’t wait to show him my latest project. Not one prone to over amplification, I was surprised by how much he liked it as well. Trends come and go, but sometimes the best way to retain trendy items is to embrace them and make them a feature to be proud of, rather than an embarrassment you want to get rid of. An overlooked area of your home, tucked away from the main living spaces, could be the perfect place to display them by doing something fun and unexpected!

Good tidings,


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