We’ve all heard it said that sometimes it’s the little things that can make a big difference. In the case of our home, that has certainly been the case over the years. While we have had some major improvements like new hardwood floors and a fully renovated master bathroom, some of the changes that have had the most positive impact have been the little things. Over the past few weeks, there have been four little things we’ve done that have made such a difference in form, function and safety in our home, and today I’m sharing those.

The first little thing we did was add a new towel bar to the end of the island in our kitchen. Prior to that, we had a hook that hung over the cabinet door under the sink, which had worked pretty well for 17 years. Unfortunately, the hook has scratched the top of the door front, and it also protrudes in such a way that we were often bumping into it while at the sink. So, we purchased a brushed gold towel bar at Home Depot and installed it on the end of the island, across from the sink. The link to the towel bar is here: Glacier Bay Parsons 18in Towel Bar in Brushed Gold BTH-018-225-BG – The Home Depot. Because the quartz countertop is curved at each end of the island, the towel bar does not sit proud of the top but rather is tucked away. It easily holds two to three dish towels, and if that wasn’t enough, it looks great too! At $27.98 for the towel bar, this small change has been a welcome improvement.

The old solution was chipping up the top of the cabinet and was a hip knocker…
This bar is tucked away nicely and works out great!
The towel bar matches out drawer hardware very well…

The second little thing we did was to add stacking water bottle holders to two shelves in one of our cabinets. I had seen these on an organization video and thought it might help clean up the shelves that hold these items. Prior to purchasing these stacking bottle holders, two of our pull-out shelves were in a constant state of messiness with coffee mugs, steel water bottles, and plastic containers that would never remain upright. I purchased a four-stack set from Amazon and used them as two units. Each one holds eight bottles, which worked out perfectly for what we needed. In the three weeks that these have been installed, I couldn’t be happier. All of the bottles lie neatly in the holders, with nothing falling over. This has also left more room to establish a “tea station” for my husband’s electric water kettle, tea strainer, and cast-iron tea pots. The one I purchased is here *https://amzn.to/4em6sfl. Coming in at $19.99, this purchase has been a real game changer!

Believe me, this is so much better!!

The third little thing we added to our life was a small portable humidifier. We travel to Colorado Springs a few times a year to see our son, daughter-in-law and grandsons. The altitude makes it very dry, and my husband and I struggle, especially at night. A friend suggested this small humidifier that she uses on her son’s nightstand to help prevent dryness. I ordered it from Amazon and we took it on our trip there two weeks ago. This little humidifier really worked great, and the reservoir of water lasted all night. Even better, it plugs into a USB port (or you can use a square to plug into an electrical outlet), is quiet, and packs easily in a suitcase. Before we left, our grandson John was getting nosebleeds, so we left this humidifier with him to use in his bedroom. When we got home, we ordered another one so it will be ready for our next trip to a dry area. At $15.29, this was a real lifesaver. *https://amzn.to/4aJQoAQ.

A little video of it running in our hotel room…

The last little thing we recently added were carpet runner pieces for the steps leading from our garage into the house, via the laundry room. These steps are wide and made of sturdy particle board. Although there isn’t anything wrong with them per se, as we age, we are trying to put things in place that reduce opportunities to fall and keep the home safe. We purchased two self-adhesive step carpet pieces from Amazon and installed them onto the steps. As an added layer of stability in addition to the adhesive, my husband tacked them down at the corners with small nails. They have made the stairs nicer to step on, and as an added benefit, they allow for a first line of defense in cleaning our shoes before entering the house. The ones I purchased are *https://amzn.to/4ebI6ob, a real bargain at $12.99, and one of the few options that came in a two-pack rather than for a full run of stairs. My only question is why didn’t we install these years ago?

Your basic garage steps…
Nice texture and quality…

It is so much fun to see major makeovers on television and on social media. However, the reality for most of us is that those big improvements are few and far between. And while the satisfaction of a complete makeover is rewarding and can even add to your property value, it often comes with a hefty price tag. For our day-to-day living, having a cabinet with water bottles that don’t fall over, a better way to hang the kitchen towels, adding humidity when needed, and installing carpet pieces for safer, cushier steps can make all the difference. The big things are nice, but sometimes it really is the little things!

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