The end of March, I turned 70, a number that is pretty hard for me to relate to when I still feel about 18 inside. For this milestone birthday, I picked out my own gift, sending my husband the link to purchase it. I don’t usually do this, but the items I wanted were so specific, it just made it easier all around. What, you may ask did I want? These lovelies!!

Aren’t these the most beautiful ginger jars you’ve ever seen? They are massive, at over 19″ tall, and the most wonderful shade of green. Holding court on our dining room table, they are just perfect in scale and proportion, as well as complimenting the existing palette in the room. With the addition of these two ginger jars, my collection of these vessels is complete. I don’t know if they are still available, but they were at Marshall’s online for only $39.99 each.

Ginger jars date back to ancient China, when they were used to transport spices like salt and ginger. Over time, their practical purpose changed to become home decor objects in the 17th century in Europe, and their iconic style still graces homes today.

My love affair with ginger jars goes back to the year DVD’s were invented, aka 1995, when I received my first ginger jar as a gift from my husband. I have loved them ever since. This original jar is blue and white chinoiserie, fairly large, and sits on a wooden chow leg base.

My first ginger jar…

For many years, it was on our television armoire (remember when our televisions weren’t mounted on the wall like artwork?) where we would look at it often. It has survived four moves, including back and forth across the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and the Tri Cities, all without being broken. This is probably more of a testimony for the movers than me, but I am so glad it has made it unscathed.

Over the ensuring years, I have managed to collect a few more ginger jars, mostly small, utilitarian pieces that hold dried spices, finishing salt, or in some cases, nothing at all. One of my favorites is a salt cellar ginger jar, purchased on my first trip to London in 2018. It is from the Fortnum and Mason department store where we enjoyed high tea, and it now sits in my salt and pepper caddy on the kitchen island, easy to reach when needed.

Ginger jars are now readily available in almost any color, pattern and size. Whether you use ginger jars for spices, salt or simply objects d’art, their enduring traditional design means that bringing them into your decor can make a beautiful, classic statement that will never go out of style. Good tidings,


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