March is over and you know what that means…the End of Month Musings, March 2024 edition. Here’s what we’ve been up to during this beautiful lead-in to Spring…

Replacing Lightbulbs – It sounds unbelievable, but between the inside and outside, our house has over 40 recessed lights. In an effort to save energy, as well as reduce how often we have to change bulbs, over the years we have replaced most of them with LED lights. The first of the month, we finished the hallways and the remaining outdoor space, the covered patio.

The new LED bulbs are a much nicer, and energy efficient, improvement!

It turns out, there were a couple of advantages to waiting to complete these less-used lights. First, the price of LED’s has dropped significantly over the past few years, making them a more affordable option. Second, LED lights are now available with new “choose your shade of white” technology that allows you to adjust the color of the light from cool to warm, just by moving a slider on the side of the bulb. In the past, we wanted brighter light for lamps where we read, and warmer lights for the overhead spaces, requiring boxes of bulbs with various lumens. But now, this can be accomplished with one bulb, and if you want to change the lighting brightness once the bulb is installed, you can just move the slider. Genius!

Mission Auction Purchases – If you remember from last month, I made up some baskets for our church Mission Auction. When we attended the auction, we had the winning bids on a couple of restaurant gift cards, as well as a beautifully handcrafted cutting board, made by one of our members, and a basket of books. I already own Lessons in Chemistry, but the rest are new to me, so I look forward to having more new books to explore in the coming months!

Vacation Time – The middle of March, we spent a week in our old home state of Hawaii with our youngest daughter, her boyfriend, and our granddaughter Aurora. It was a fun time doing things we hadn’t done there in years like the Arizona Memorial, the Bowfin Museum and the submarine ride, as well as new things like a rum tasting tour, a train ride, and a vegetarian restaurant. The most fun, however, was just spending time with them and seeing the island through the wide eyes of a delighted 10-year-old who, if given her way, would have spent all day in the water and sand!

Waikiki at sunset…

The Arizona Memorial…

The Chosen – Back when the series The Chosen came out in 2017, we watched the first couple of episodes as they were released, but never finished the series. During this Advent season, we decided to watch it, and finished Season 3 the night before Easter. The story of how each of Jesus’ disciples was selected, what they gave up by joining this ministry, and how they went on to spread the message has been inspiring for us, as believers, to watch. Season 4 will be streaming soon and we can’t wait!

What I’m Reading – This month, I read The Magnolia Palace, a novel by Fiona Davis that was recommended to me. Set in the real-life Frick Mansion and what is now the Frick Museum in New York City, this story bounced between two time periods, and contained mystery and romance that kept me guessing until the very end. If you read this book, be sure to also read the Author’s Notes at the end for more information. This was a good read during our recent vacation.

Birthday and Easter – We ended the month by celebrating my birthday on the 30th and Easter the next day. The flowers, dinner out, and well wishes from family and friends, all made turning 70 feel pretty great! For Easter, we attended the early church service, Easter dinner in Walla Walla with my mother, and a drive around town to enjoy the beautiful day, full of pretty blooming flowers and trees. It was a wonderful weekend!

Four generations at Easter dinner…

Good tidings,


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