Welcome to Tumbleweed Tidings, versatile container edition. Like many of you, over the years I have had a multitude of planting containers, vases, and other vessels that hold arrangements of various types. But one container in my stash has lived on in so many different ways I just had to share some of those with you!

First, about the container. I don’t remember where I got it, but it is white glazed ceramic and measures 12″ in diameter and is 5 1/2″ tall, making it large enough to hold the table as a centerpiece. Originally, I filled this container with a live plant arrangement, which was used on our patio and also on the kitchen table. The succulents really popped against the dirt, moss, and white vessel, and I used it that way for a couple of years.

In the fall of 2020, I added some pumpkins and gourds to the mix, as a nod to the autumn season. I really loved the crook necked squash addition along with some fresh pansies. So quirky!

After going through various renditions of fresh plantings, it was time to get rid of the dirt and make this into some other types of centerpieces. In the year leading up to the summer of 2022, I was fortunate enough to serve on the Walla Walla High School 50th class reunion committee, and one of my responsibilities was to do the table displays. For the dining tables, we used smaller arrangements stacked on blue books. But for the entry registration table, you guessed it, this container became a sea of blue and white, with gold 50’s in a nod to this milestone reunion.

To create this arrangement, the soil was removed and replaced with Styrofoam that was cut to fit. I left a smaller round hole in the center for the glass candle holder. Then it was just a matter of inserting the blue and white artificial carnations, the letterman-style W’s, and the gold 50’s. The W’s and the 50’s were cut out using card stock and a Silhouette machine, in case anyone wants to do something similar. The final flourish was the blue and white ribbon, which coordinated with the dining table centerpieces. I loved this arrangement, especially the way the blue and white worked so well with the container.

A couple of months after the 50th reunion, we hosted a 50th wedding anniversary party for our dear friends. After the success of the previous rendition, I ordered some gold carnations and I was all set to create a 50th centerpiece by just by replacing the blue carnations with the gold and removing the blue polka dotted ribbon. We used it on the table that had the couple’s wedding pictures.

The next chance to use the arrangement came when the Walla Walla High School class of ’73 wanted to use any of our leftover reunion decorations for their reunion over Labor Day weekend, 2023. I’m so glad I had saved those blue carnations, W’s and 50’s! I remade the blue and white arrangement for them, and along with some of our leftover decor, delivered it all to my friend on their committee, where they were used at their dinner.

The container was returned to me not long after the ’73 reunion, where it sat waiting for its next appearance. Well, it didn’t have to wait long, as when the end of November rolled around, it was time to “deck the halls.” This container was perfect to hold a holiday arrangement used in one of our guest bathrooms. I simply stuck a premade wreath around the candle and filled in with some colored ornaments.

After Christmas, I put a grapevine wreath covered in ferns inside the container and added some artificial succulents and artichokes. This look was great for winter and worked nicely on the kitchen countertop. I loved it so much, I hated to change it but, well you know…

And that brings us to the present day. The first part of March in an attempt to bring a little springtime into the house, I took the winter arrangement with the ferns and replaced the succulents and artichokes with pretty pink florals and additional greenery turning it into a wispy, spring arrangement. Placed on the entryway credenza with a couple of white ceramic bunnies, some pink books and an Easter sign, this area was transformed, and the white container lived to see yet another season!

So, as you can see, this one container has reinvented itself many, many times! I had fun going through several years of pictures and was actually surprised how often it had been used. Part of its longevity is due to the fact that it is a neutral color that works well in almost any application. White goes with everything, whereas I would not have been able to use it nearly as often if it had been purple or lime green. In an age of our commitment to re-use, recycle and upcycle, it feels good to take one vessel and find new and creative ways to use it. I wonder what the future will hold for this hard-working container. Oh, I have an idea! The 4th of July is coming, so how about some flags, with some red, white and blue carnations? See you then!

Good tidings,


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