One of my favorite songs from Beauty and the Beast is Be Our Guest. I just love all of the cutlery singing and dancing, and the tune is so catchy:) Back in 2017, I even entitled a blog post about how to prepare a guest room that you can see here: Be Our Guest… After looking at this post, I realized that I’ve changed the decor quite a bit over the years, but the sentiment is still the same.

Pretty easy to see why we couldn’t sleep in here!

But this post isn’t really about how to prepare a guest room, it’s more about actually pretending to be a guest in your own home to see what how the room works for company. During our recent master bathroom renovation, we weren’t able to sleep in our bedroom for a few weeks due to everything being encased in plastic, so we retreated to a guest room.

And that is where the fun began, so to speak. The bed in this guest room was HORRIBLE! Imagine the feeling of a waterbed (if you’re old enough, you know) without the water. Every time either one of us would roll over, the bed would jiggle like it was full of water. It was actually kind of funny, but not, if you know what I mean. As long as we stayed in the same position, everything was great. But if someone rolled over, the waves would begin. The weird thing is that once I was asleep in that bed, it was super cozy, and I slept like a dream…until someone rolled over:) It was decided…that bed had to be replaced!

It must be a good bed with the name Maui in it!

During the renovation, we took a two week break to go on a cruise. We left our car with our oldest daughter and her family in the Portland area, where we would be flying back to upon our return. While visiting with she and her husband, who are the ones who typically sleep in this guest room, we casually mentioned where we had been sleeping, that the bed was awful, and that we were going to replace it. They looked at each other and said laughingly “you may see us more often now:)” I asked why they never told us how bad that bed was, and they said they didn’t want to complain.

We purchased a new queen-sized bed, and it is so much better! The next thing we realized while being a guest in this bedroom and using the bath next to it was that the shower head was not working properly. It was shooting water everywhere and only half of it was working. It is a heavyweight Moen, so by making some adjustments to the spray and soaking it in vinegar for a while, it is now providing a much better shower.

The last thing we noticed in that bathroom was that there was only one place to hang a bath towel. This house came without any towel bars, so we installed hooks in the bathrooms instead. But in this room, there was only one, and if two people are staying, where do they put the other towel? Our solution was to mount a new hook on the back of the door, and the problem was solved.

While we were on such a roll updating this bedroom and bathroom, we decided to purchase a new toilet that was taller and more stylish. For years, I have wanted to change out our toilets to this Kohler model that looks like crown molding on the top and bottom. It is stunning, for a toilet, that is:) So we purchased the new Kohler model in the taller version with the soft close lid, and it is fantastic.

You might not want to wait until a bathroom renovation to be a guest in your own guest room, but rather stay there for a night to see what kind of experience you are providing. We actually felt bad when we realized how uncomfortable we were making our family and friends and were happy that we were able to correct some of those deficiencies. It was a good reminder for me that a room can’t just be pretty, it needs to be functional. Next improvement will be to add room darkening shades to the bedroom for maximum sleeping comfort. Heck, this place is going to be so tricked out, our guests may never leave!

Good tidings,


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