Like many of you, over the years I have gone through a variety of color schemes for Christmas decorating. For several years I did jewel tones with rich burgundies and, who can forget, hunter green. One year, I did our dining room in peacock blue, including feathers on the tree. What was I thinking?

Then for several years, it was neutral, neutral, neutral, with a little splash of neutral thrown in for good measure. Shades of gold, cream, greige, silver and white were soothing and calm, and actually very beautiful. The only problem is that between seasons, my house is mainly in a neutral palette, so when a new season rolls around, I am looking for something different.

I even change out my Barefoot Contessa cookbooks to match the decor…

In the fall, I want pops of orange, gold, amber, and green. In the spring, I crave the soft shades of pastels reminiscent of my childhood Easter outfits. And for Christmas this year? I’m seeing red everywhere!

Now for full disclosure, I usually use red in the kitchen, but the living room, entry and dining room are the places that have remained a little quieter. Well, not this year! I threw in a little red in almost every room, and boy does it pop!

Just by adding a few berry sprigs, red candles and ornaments, and red velvet ribbons, it has given the rooms a new, fresh look. Red is showing up on the mantel, in the cardinals spread throughout the house, on the dining room table, and in candle holders and ornaments all around.

I even found some new items this year that incorporate even more red into the holiday decor, those being some nutcrackers and the most beautiful ceramic Santa I’ve ever seen. Seeing red has never been so much fun.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my journey into the red zone, and that I’ve shown you how it doesn’t take much of an accent color to really make a difference. January will be here soon enough, bringing with it my return to more neutral tones. But until then, I’m loving all of this cheery Merry Christmas red!

Good tidings,


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