Have you ever started a craft project and about halfway through, ask yourself “what was I thinking?”

Oh, good, me too! Like last week. I had this crazy idea to use all of the pinecones in our yard to make a pinecone wreath, and then dust it with spray snow. I had the pinecones and spray snow, so I bought a Styrofoam wreath form at Hobby Lobby, got out my trusty glue gun and glue sticks and I was all set for this easy project. This was going to be a piece of cake!

Well, not exactly. First of all, this wreath gobbled up pinecones like Pacman, leaving me no choice but to forage the neighbor’s yard to get a few more cones. This was not my proudest moment:) Randy and Lorie, if you are reading this, it was only like 5 pinecones, 6 tops…

The other difficult thing was that because the cones are somewhat heavy for the glue, I had to hold each one in place for a longer-than-usual length of time until they were firmly attached. This led to several burnt fingers, which means everything was going as per usual in the hot glue gun universe.

But I persevered over the course of two afternoons, and eventually the last pinecone was in place and the wreath was full. Where there were empty spots, I filled in with pine greenery removed from Dollar Store picks. After giving the wreath a light spritzing of spray snow, this project was FINALLY done. Do I like it? Yes. Will I do it again. No:)

After the pinecone wreath was complete, I placed it on a large plate, covered with a red napkin. Then I added some picks and placed a vintage nutcracker, found at a thrift shop, in the center. This entire arrangement, placed on the red plaid runner, looks so festive on our kitchen table. One last silver lining to the homemade pinecone wreath project came this week when another blogger posted a link for a very similar wreath on Amazon for $43.99!

The next fun with the glue gun came in the form of gluing cinnamon sticks around candles. I have seen these around and thought it would be something I could easily make. Using two packages of 4″ long cinnamon sticks from Hobby Lobby, and 4″ cream pillar candles from Walmart, this project went together in a hurry. Placing the candle on a kitchen towel for stability, I simply glued the sticks around the candle.

Initially, I was applying the glue to the cinnamon stick and holding it in place, but quickly realized that it was better to run a bead of glue on the candle and then lay the stick on that, as close to the previous stick as possible. As I approached the end of the first candle, I was worried that it may not come out even and there may be a gap in the sticks. As luck would have it, there was enough variety of thicknesses of the cinnamon sticks to piece it all together so that on both candles the sticks ended up fitting perfectly.

I secured the sticks with a wrapping of twine, and they not only looked so nice on the dining room table, for Thanksgiving, they smell divine. For Christmas, I plan to tuck some greenery and berries into the twine, making this project last through at least two holidays. At a total cost of $6 per candle, I think this project was a winner.

The last glue gun fun came by simply enhancing two small wreaths from Hobby Lobby with the leftovers from the picks I used on the pinecone wreath. On each wreath, I used some of the glitter pinecones, balls and berries, securing with the hot glue. Once I added the red velvet ribbon, I hung them on the arched mirrors that flank the fireplace in our living room. Total cost for each wreath was less than $5, plus the ribbon.

I hope you have enjoyed my return to glue gun craftiness. I am sure these items could be purchased readymade, but then I would have missed scavenging the next-door neighbor’s pinecones and all of those first degree burns on my fingers. I mean, where’s the fun in that?

Good tidings,


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