Today is Labor Day, and the air feels cleaner with crisper mornings. This has inspired me to begin a little fall decorating, using some things I have, and creating new vignettes on a real budget! With that thought in mind, I’m sharing some fall decorating ideas, all with items found at the Dollar Tree. Sometimes, I like to challenge myself and use Dollar Tree purchases and turn them into more high-end looking home decor items. With that thought in mind, I went to our local Dollar Tree and picked up a few of their new fall line that I plan to use over the next couple of weeks to incorporate a touch of fall into our home.

As I wandered through the aisles of fall items, I was trying to think of ways to reimagine them into things that would bring the warmth of season into the house without breaking the bank. This is a picture of my Dollar Tree haul, which cost a total of $34. These purchases are going to be transformed into beautiful fall decor that will be used all over our house! Today, I’m starting with one of the easiest projects ever.

First, I purchased two orange chapel candles. These are the tall cylindrical candles often burned in churches and cathedrals all over the world. They come in a myriad of colors and burn forever, it seems. I started using these candles a few years ago for various seasons and just love them. At $1.25 each, they are a bar-gain!! In addition to the Dollar Tree, you can find these chapel candles at Target and Walmart, and I’m sure they are available online or at other stores, as well.

Next, I found a two pack of autumnal plaid bows. They are reinforced with a sturdy plastic backing, so they really hold their shape and aren’t at all flimsy. When I saw the bows, I thought that the bows and the candles should go steady…as in hold hands and become attached at the hip.

The longest part of this project was having my husband use his Goof Off to remove the sticky backing from the label. After that, it was time to get out the glue gun and attach the bows to the candles. And voila, we had ourselves a fall candle that I can see being used in various rooms throughout the season. They would also make a nice hostess gift for a fall party or Thanksgiving invite. At $1.25 for the candle and $.62 for each bow, these cuties come in at less than $2 with tax.

If you haven’t been to the Dollar Tree or other Dollar store lately, I would encourage you to do so. They have really upped their game, and if you use a discerning eye, there are treasures to be found. When mixed with other more expensive items, the whole display has the look of quality. Stay tuned over the next few weeks as I transform more of these cheap finds into autumn decorating treasures.

Good tidings,


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