Welcome to Tumbleweed Tidings where LOVE is in the air! Today, I’m going to share a fun DIY idea for Valentine’s Day that will be sure to please someone you love. Coming up with this project started with an inspiration found at the Target Dollar Spot, where I got this cute little red metal mailbox.

Aren’t these little mailboxes cute?

The mailbox is small, made of sturdy metal, cost only $1, and has a white flag that you can put up to indicate outgoing mail. A few days later, I found another version, this time at Walmart, that was a little larger, had a white door, and was only $.98. Lastly, I found a cute cardboard version at the Dollar Tree for, you guessed it, a dollar! Apparently, Valentine mailboxes are having a “moment.”

This cardboard Dollar Tree mailbox has so much personality!

After purchasing the first one, I thought it would be so fun to put messages, candy, gift certificates, or whatever, into each day a few days leading up to Valentine’s Day. Armed with my self-professed brilliant idea, I set to work coming up with gift certificates, love quotes, and other small items to surprise my husband. More on those later, but first, let’s cover ideas for the other members of the family.

Chocolate, stickers, a bear and a love note…who could ask for anything more?

Based on how excited kids get with the Elf on the Shelf and Advent Calendars at Christmas, I’m sure they would be equally excited by this Valentine’s mail delivery system. For children, I could see gift certificates that would award them a special date with mom, dad, or a grandparent. Some days it could be a verse, quote, or something you LOVE about them. Other days, a gift certificate to their favorite frozen yogurt shop or fast food restaurant. And of course, every day there could be a sprinkling of Valentine’s candy added, just to sweeten things up a little.

A perfect gift for one of our teenage granddaughters…

For a teenager, I could envision gift certificates for coffee shops, a pedicure, or a special date with mom or dad. Of course, teens also would love the word quotes, hair scrunchies, makeup, and candy as well. For the teen who drives, a gas station gift card might come in handy, and of course, cash is always appreciated!

Something for everyone…

Finally, for your spouse or significant other, gift certificates for their favorite meal, a date night to watch a good movie, or a picnic in the park would be enjoyed, I’m sure. Sometimes we forget to tell those we love how much they mean to us, so meaningful quotes or an old fashioned love letter would also be nice. My husband loves a good meal or anything related to woodworking, as well as “mystery dates” where I surprise him with an activity. Once I took him to the local Planetarium, which was a big hit, and another time a picnic to Palouse Falls, where we had never been. I’m sure you get the idea that the possibilities are endless to find gifts that cost more in thought than money.

Free downloadable gift certificates…

I found these free downloadable Valentine’s Gift Certificates here Valentines Certificates3 (thehousewifemodern.com) that can then be either filled in on the computer or handwritten. Printed on cardstock, they make a nice sturdy gift certificate that can be inserted into the mailbox, with or without an envelope.

See the source image

Some of the Love Quotes and verses from Song of Solomon that I like are shown here, and again can be printed on a computer or handwritten. I purchased a package of various holiday stickers and the hearts would be cute added to your note or quote. Rolled up and tied with a ribbon is a simple presentation for any of these options.

See the source image
Who doesn’t love a good Jane Austen quote?

For the final flourish, adding anything sweet like Valentine chocolates or other favorite candy would surely be a hit. As long as the item fits in the mailbox it will work, but if not, the item could be set nearby. I had this cute Valentine’s bear that wouldn’t fit inside, so I just placed it beside the mailbox.

Candy makes everything sweeter…

I hope you have enjoyed this DIY Valentine’s idea that you can share with those that you love, both young and old. And since we’re speaking of Love today, now might the be right time to tell you how much I love having you read my blog! I appreciate it more than you know.

Good tidings,


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