So, have you have ever bought something without knowing where it will go? Oh, good; I was hoping I wasn’t the only one! I have a history of buying things I love, and figuring out where they will go later. My philosophy is if you love it, you will find the perfect place for it. Early in our 25 year relationship, I would look at something and say I wanted to buy it. My husband would ask “where are you going to put it?” As the music to final Jeopardy bounced through my head, I would try to come up with a clever answer. Now that I am older, wiser, and more confident in my selections, I usually just say “I’ll figure that out later” and purchase the item. This has typically worked out. That is until the little demilune table came along! [Dem-i-loon] a half rounded table meant to go against a wall, from demi meaning half, and lune from moon.

Chipped and rustic and full of charm…
Like a glove…

While shopping at a cute little shop in downtown Kennewick, I saw this white wall mounted demilune table. It looked to be handmade, was a little shabby, and was only $38. Unlike a typical demilune that was half of a round, this little table had angles and a smooth front. Based on the little shelf below, it almost looks like it could have been used as an old telephone table with a spot for the phone book below. Remember hard wired phones and telephone books??? Anyway, it was adorable, and I knew it would look great in our black and white guest room by the reading chair. I bought it, brought it home, and there it sat and sat and sat…for over a year. It didn’t work by the chair and I didn’t have another place to put it anywhere in the house. Just as I was thinking it was time to sell it, we were up at our bungalow in Northern Idaho and I looked at this small space between the living room and bedrooms. Redemption at last; this could work!

Dressed for everyday, a pretty plant, candle and dish for keys…

I measured the wall space, went home and measured the table. Perfect! The next time we came to Idaho, which has been quite often during the quarantine, I brought the little table with me. My husband mounted it to the wall, using wall anchors and screws, and it looked like it was made for this location. Because this bungalow is only 800 square feet with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, every square inch needs to work extra hard. With that thought in mind, I have styled it in three different ways to show how this little demilune table can be used.

For every day use, I keep it styled with a small plant, a candle, and a decorative bowl to hold keys. Because we don’t have a proper entryway, this table makes a good dropping off point when we arrive, as well as adding some color and texture to the hallway.

Because our bungalow is in a rental pool, available for guests when we don’t have it blocked for our personal use, the second way I staged it was as a games area for visitors. Books for vacation reading are between two gold scallop shell bookends. Nearby are decks of cards for the impromptu game of solitaire or Rummy. And on the little shelf below, a puzzle to spread out on the kitchen table and while away an evening.

Games or a little reading, anyone?
Ready for game night…

Lastly, because when there isn’t a pandemic going on we love to entertain friends at our little bungalow, I styled the table as a bar area. Adjacent to the living room and kitchen, but in a nearby hallway, it is out of the flow of the cook and yet handy for guest to self serve their beverage options. It could be used for iced tea, bottled water or the beverage of your choice. For this example, I placed two bottles of wine, some tall and stemless glasses, cocktail napkins, and an opener. I really like how this version turned out and will use it the next time we are able to have guests visit.

Hey, who drank half of my Waterbrook Savignon Blanc?
Ready for guests…

So, that is the happy, sad, happy tale of the little demilune table. It now resides contently in Northern Idaho, in a spot that looks like it was made for. I hope by showing you three ways a little side table like this can be used, I have inspired you to think outside the box and never give up hope that a random purchase will ultimately work out just so very right! I’d also love to know in the comments which way you like it best.

Good tidings,


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