Welcome to Tumbleweed Tidings during this most hectic last week before the holidays! If you are like me, there are a myriad of people you want to thank, recognize, reward or appreciate with some small gift. The hairdresser, secretary, dry cleaner, pastor, paperboy, neighbor, or party hostess may all be deserving recipients and over the years I’ve shared various ideas of things that make nice thank-you and hostess gifts. To refresh your memory, here are a few:

Well, this year due to a busier than usual schedule, I have taken a simpler approach and gone with consumables; some homemade, some not. First, I corralled up a variety of festive tins that I already had and then went to the dollar store for the rest.

These were at the Dollar Tree, and even have a gasket to keep things fresh!

A visit to Costco and the bulk food section at the grocer filled in most of the sweets, augmented by my homemade Chex Mix with cashews, Cheese Nips and pretzels. With the addition of the Chex Mix, this post could have been called How Sweet and Savory it is, but that just didn’t have the same ring to it:)

I love these little lunchboxes!

Next, it was time to fill the tins. (Can we just talk about how cute the little lunch boxes are?) First, the Peppermint Bark from Costo, which is really good. Then some foil-wrapped chocolates from the bulk food section at our grocery store. Next, some tins filled with the homemade Chex Mix.

Lastly, I filled a crystal bowl with a lovely assortment of European chocolates for a special hostess gift. Once the tins and bowl were filled, I was ready to grab one when the need arose. The hairdresser, church secretary, hostesses, a sick friend, and the parents who took our granddaughter to a recent hockey game all received some version.

If you are looking for a simple way to thank people this time of year, consumables can be a great answer. Homemade cookies and fudge are old standards, but store-bought goodies can be appreciated as well. During the holidays, consumables are something that people can put out for a party, share with their office workers, or indulge in with their family. And best of all, as Jackie Gleason used to say, “How sweet it is!”

Good tidings,


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