I know that it seems like school just started. I know it’s not even Halloween yet. I know that Thanksgiving is still over a month away. But it is NOT too early to begin thinking about your Thanksgiving table if you happen to be hosting this year. And the reason I say this is because if you don’t start early, all of the cool stuff at the Dollar Spot at Target will be gone!

Ahh, the Target Dollar Spot. That cute little square of three rows that greets you when you enter the store, full of a vast array of items, many of which change seasonally. Over the years, I have found cute planters, buckets, banners, napkins, and a plethora of valuable items in the Dollar Spot area. But let me tell you, for the seasonal items, you need to get there fast. Otherwise, all of the cute millennial moms on their way home from the gym will beat you to it, and those ladies are savvy shoppers!

So, I was in Target last week, and I found the cutest wooden pumpkin banners that were only $3. (Don’t let the term “Dollar Spot” confuse you. They now have items for $2, $3, $4, and $5.) As soon as I saw these banners, I knew they would be perfect; not only for a banner but for Thanksgiving place cards, as well.

Armed with my two packages of banners, I came home and visited the Etsy website to find some cute fall downloadable place cards. I found the perfect ones by Christie from PupMuffinPaper. For only $3.60, you receive a downloadable PDF, complete with a cool font, that you then use to print multiples. These cards are perfect to use for any fall gathering. You can customize them with any weight and color of paper, to make them match your table. For my pumpkins, I just cut out the decorative portion, but in their original form, they “tent” so they will stand up like a typical place card. These place cards are so cute that I ordered some of her Christmas ones at the same time. #thinkingahead:) With Christie’s permission, I am sharing the link for the thanksgiving cards here:


Once I had entered all of the names and had my cards printed out on cardstock, it was time to assemble the place cards. Taking the banners out of the packages (you will have 7 pumpkins from each banner, some large and some small), I cut the knot ends off of the twine, and then cut evenly in between each pumpkin, leaving the twine in place.

Then I pulled each piece of twine out and reversed it back through the holes and tied a small bow. Re-using the twine is a good cost-saving method and although the bow is a little small, it works just fine. I also tried one with some orange organza ribbon, which allowed me to make the bow a little larger. It also adds a splash of color, so I will most likely end up using the ribbon version, but it’s nice to have options.

Next, I applied the place cards to the front of the pumpkins using double-sided tape. The beauty of using something removable is that you can re-use the pumpkins year after year. You can even re-string twine or ribbon through them and, Voila, you are back to square one with a banner!

Because we serve all of our holiday meals buffet style, I have found that having place card holders takes all of the guesswork out of where people should sit. Nothing is worse than standing there with a plate full of hot food trying to figure out the best seating arrangement. Placecards take all of that drama out of the equation:) Just for fun, I set up a couple of place settings in the dining room to see how these cute little pumpkin place cards will look. I love them and can’t wait for Thanksgiving to put them out for real.

So, if you are looking for a place card idea for a fall dinner party or Thanksgiving, look no further than Etsy and your nearest Target Dollar Spot. But you’d better hurry. Those cute millennial moms are outside waiting for the store to open right now!

Good tidings,


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