Now that I have your attention, I have something big to share with all of you! After using my iPhone 5 for almost 6 years (which is a lifetime in technology terms), my husband and I got new iPhone 11’s last Friday. I can see that you’re now asking yourselves “and we care about this why??” Because of the camera, of course! Because all of my terrible, horrible, iPhone 5 quality pictures are a thing of the past and my new pictures will be fabulous!! And just to prove my point, here is a before and after of my most recent photography with the old and new cameras.

Old camera shot. I had to close the window treatments, as the camera couldn’t adjust for the bright lighting coming from the windows.
New camera shot with better lighting and better focus…

The other wonderful thing is that the new lens on the iPhone 11 can take a much wider angled shot, which will be helpful when shooting large rooms. Below is an after picture using the wider angle. I know, right?!

This is something I could never accomplish with my old phone camera…

Frankly, I had been dragging my heels for a few years now about upgrading my phone. For starters, I don’t like change. Second, I didn’t want the extra expense. And finally, I don’t like change:) In the end, sheer embarrassment over the quality of the photography on the blog pushed me to the upgrade. (well, that and the fact that every time I handed my phone to anyone to show them a picture, they’d always say “oh, it’s so small.”)

Most of all, I wanted to portray the recipes, DIY’s and decorating ideas on the blog in a more professional manner, and that was not going to happen with my old phone. In other words, I did it for all of you…

Good tidings,


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