Here it is October 1, and in tumbleweed land, we seem to have gone from summer to winter in the past three days! What happened to that season in between that is my favorite of all? Who stole our Fall?

Today, I have a fall display idea that is so easy, you can give your home a little taste of fall in about 5 minutes. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3, and I’ll show you how.

First, find a cake stand or raised platter. Tip: If you don’t have a cake stand, it is easy to create one using a dinner plate on top of an inverted terra cotta pot or cereal bowl to create the base.

Second, put a wreath or sprigs of the greenery of your choice on the cake stand to create a ring. If you don’t have a small wreath of greenery, you can cut some greenery or leaves off of the shrubs outdoors. They won’t last as long, but they will work.

Third, add some small pumpkins in a variety of colors. I picked these up at the local grocery store, but artificial work just as well and will last forever.

To create a vignette as I’ve done, simply add a grouping of cutting boards, copper, and a seasonal candle. The mixture doesn’t really matter, it is more about the palette and scale of the items. Play around with yours until it feels just right.

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That’s it! In a few short minutes, you can add a hint of fall to your entry table or kitchen counter. And with any luck, fall will see how much we love it and stick around for awhile!

Good tidings,


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