Today on Tumbleweed Tidings, I’m sharing an easy holiday DIY that will be a festive addition to our holiday décor this year. In our dining room, I typically use silver, gold and copper. And when I say typically, I mean for the last 11 years. Last year, I shook it up a bit with some gold and silver fans on the walls (you can see that post here Metallic Holiday Dining Room…), and this year, I want to add more deer, pinecones, and natural elements to the mix.

I had in mind some glittered deer on striped gold and silver canvases. “Hey, I’ll bet I can make these,” I thought. So, for this project, I first found a deer stencil on Amazon. Then I bought two blank 11×14 canvases from the craft store. I taped off the canvases in two-inch stripes, using Frog tape. I painted one canvas with gold and one with silver acrylic paint that I already had in my paint stash.  My one regret is that I didn’t pay a little more for the nicer canvasses.  Instead I bought the cheapest, thinnest ones and the canvas isn’t as tight as I would like.

Once the paint was dry, I placed the stencil on the gold striped canvas and using a small paintbrush, put glue inside the stencil. Then I sprinkled silver glass glitter on the glue and shook off the excess. I repeated the process with the silver canvas, using gold glitter.

You may notice that I reversed the direction with the silver canvas, so that the deer are facing each other. I plan to hang them on the dining room wall, flanking the mirror over the credenza.  Below I have included a sneak peek of how they look in the decorated space.

Sometimes, it is easier to make something yourself to reinforce a theme or color scheme than it is to go out and try to find the exact item you have in mind. It doesn’t have to be deer, but anything that can be stenciled would work just as well.

This little deer canvas project was fun and easy to do. When the dining room is all pulled together, I’ll show you how they fit in the space. Until then, happy Christmas decorating, shopping, wrapping, and baking to each of you!

Good tidings,


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