Today I wanted to share a quick, and I mean quick, post about how you can transform an existing centerpiece for the upcoming season. So let’s get started!

First, the before. You may remember this wonderful wooden trough my husband, Jim, built for our kitchen table. I have used it for several holidays and it is the most versatile thing. Add to that the fact that it’s easy to move when it’s time to set the table, and you have a real winner.  Above is what it looked like last Christmas, all decked out with plaid.

a few

For summer, this trough contained two teaberry balls, three white pillar candles, some pinecones, and a few large succulents. In front, there were two birch log pieces with a small bird on one.

To change over to a fall décor, the first step was to start with a clean slate by removing everything from the table. Next, I replaced the burlap runner with a cream linen that has pumpkins and gourds on the ends.
The next step was to simply remove the white candles, move the teaberry balls over, and add three pumpkins; two in orange and one in white. Finally, I inserted a few pinecones from the yard and some fall berries and leaves and it was done.

In front of the arrangement, I added a new stained glass candle holder that contains a pumpkin scented candle. The entire project took no time at all, and the end result is simple, yet fall-like.

So, before spending a lot of time and money to make a seasonal change, take a look at existing arrangements that can be modified. Often, it can be done by simply changing out the candles or flowers, adding small doses of color that evoke the season, and bringing in items from the yard such as pinecones, dried flowers or leaves. And just like that, you’ve got a whole new look!

Good tidings,

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