As the Valentine season fast approaches, I wanted to share my simple recipe for Cupid Cupcakes. They are pretty in pink and oh so easy to make.

What I Love about these cupcakes is that they show how easy it is to create something special for a holiday, just by altering the ingredients a touch, and finishing with a seasonal presentation.  My kind of recipe!  All I did was add a couple of embellishments, like frosting, dusting sugar, Valentine’s picks, and raspberries, to make them extra “Love-ly” for this time of year.

Recipe for Cupid Cupcakes

One box of French Vanilla Cake or the white cake of your choice.

Make according to package directions, replacing the water with canned guava juice. (For this white cake, I did add 5-6 drops of red food coloring to make them extra pink, but that was just a personal preference, not required. When I use guava juice in Angel Food cake, it turns the batter pink just fine, but when you add the eggs to a standard white cake mix, it turned it more orange, so hence the food coloring.)

Pour into muffin tins, lined with seasonal wrappers. Bake according to package directions.

Top with frosting of your choice, if desired. Embellish with Valentine themed sprinkles or toppers, and fresh berries for a festive touch. Enjoy!

This recipe may seem familiar to you.  If you’ve been following my blog since the beginning you may remember a similar version from last summer. This method of making Angel Food cake is something we picked up during our years in Hawaii, and we have been enjoying it that way ever since. You can see that post here:

These cupcakes would be pretty on a cake stand for a party, or to take to school for the kids. They would also be perfect for the Love of your life as the finishing course after a romantic dinner.


It is so easy to take a humble cake mix and modify it to fit a season or holiday. This recipe also works well with orange juice, which would be nice for fall, or limeade for St. Patrick’s Day.  Finding ways to doctor up food to increase the fun factor in life, is certainly cause for celebration. And what’s not to Love about that?

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