Hello!  Today I’m talking about welcoming people into your home for the holidays and sharing a quick post that shows our entryway and hall niche decorated for Christmas. Following the scheme in the other main living areas, the palette is in shades of gold, silver and copper, with some natural elements added.

Our house sits on a corner lot and on the cul-de-sac side there is a circular drive with the garage doors and side entrance. This is the door that most of our family and friends use, and when you come down that hall, you pass this niche.  I rotate the display in the niche a few times a year, Christmas being one of them.

The niche contains a couple of white deer with copper and gold ornaments tucked into green wreaths around their necks, a large pinecone and some smaller DIY glass glittered cones that I did last week. A small glass candleholder completes this area.  I especially like the way it shines at night using the dimmer.

For people who don’t use the side entry, which this time of year seems to be the UPS and FedEx drivers, the front door is the way into the house. The entry console has two buffet lamps that were from our home in Hawaii, hence the palm tree motif.  Palm trees in tumbleweed territory you ask?  Well, they fondly remind us of our years living there, so they stay!

There are two silver reindeer, a brass bowl full of the glass glittered pinecones, and a collection of candlestick holders with striped, solid and polka dot candles.

Finally, there is a green wreath that contains more of the glitter cones, hanging over the mirror.

So whether you come through the front door or the side door, there is a little touch of Christmas to welcome all who visit this wonderful time of year.

Good tidings,


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