With summer in full swing, it was time to add a table to the porch area of our northern Idaho bungalow.  Since the bungalow is a little on the small side at 732 square feet, any chance to expand the living space outdoors is desireable. The porch is long and narrow (25’x8′) so the table needed to be a specific size to allow space for chairs.  I told my husband that I envisioned a simple farm table, nothing fussy, to fill the space.  He looked up some images of farm tables and we picked out one we liked.  The next thing I know, he’s on AutoCad, drawing out the shape of the legs. They were perfect and he was on his way!

A quick trip to the lumber store, and he came home with 3’ lengths of 4×4”white cedar. In the the garage, using the Shopsmith lathe, in very short order he proceeds to come in with a perfect farm table spindle leg.  Amazing, huh?

Once the four legs were completed, he started on the skirting.

Last came the top. He used pine for the center boards and cherry for the bread boards.

We whitewashed the legs, stained and varnished the top, and it looks amazing on our bungalow porch.  We paired it up with the older all-weather-wicker chairs we recycled from our patio redecoraing at home, bringing the total cost of this custom, perfectly sized farm table to $120.  I know, right?

We recently had kids and grandkids visiting from ColoradoI, as well as friends from the area, making a total of nine of us for dinner.  We were easily able to seat 6 at the farm table, and the three boys ate at another table nearby.  So as long as the weather permits, we are all set to entertain on a grand scale outside at the bungalow!

We could have gone out and purchased a farm table, and if I didn’t have this amazingly handy husband, that is what we would have done.  But this table has so much charm, character and love built into it, I couldn’t love it more.

Good tidings,



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