Have you ever done imaginary shopping? You know, when you want to find that special gift that will be just what they had hoped for.  Or when you need an outfit for an interview, date or reunion that will make you look more professional, stylish or svelte?  How about a time when you need the perfect décor accessory to fit a certain space, color scheme, or style?  These all fall into the category I call imaginary shopping.  You have the vision, now does it exist?

And so the search begins……………..

Recently, I was looking for a mirror to put in the hall of our bungalow. It’s a somewhat narrow space, made even tighter due to the thermostat taking up a small side of the wall.

I began looking….for more time than I would care to admit.

Some mirrors were too wide, some were too narrow. Some looked like they were the right size, but they were a big yawn in the style department.

And then last weekend, we were nearby in my hometown of Walla Walla, Washington for my 45th class reunion.  We went out to some favorite local shops and when we got to an antique store, coincidentally owned by the daughter of one of my classmates, there it was.  The heavens opened up, and *cue the harp music,* there was the Goldilocks mirror!  Not too thin, not too fat, she was just right.  This mirror was not only the right size, but it was quirky, metal, slightly tarnished, like nothing I had ever seen before, and oozing with charm.  Just look at her……………

Before I could say “yippee,” she was in our car.  A few days later, we were up in northern Idaho again, and I couldn’t wait to hang the mirror on the wall.  Or should I say I couldn’t wait for my husband to hang the mirror on the wall?  It is surprisingly heavy, so this required him to use anchors and some finessing, while I stood back cheering him on.  It’s what I do.  Finally, it was up, and just as I had hoped, perseverance paid off and Goldilocks did not disappoint.

(It looks a little crooked, but that is mainly due to my stellar photography skills. I’ll get better, I promise!)

So when the price is right, the style says wow, it’s the perfect gift, or it adds that special something to your space, that’s when imaginary shopping really pays off.  Good luck with your imaginary shopping trips.

Good tidings,





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