Our Northern Idaho Getaway – Just say ahhhhh

One of the downsides of living amongst the tumbleweeds is the lack of green trees, especially the woodsy pines.  It is so nice to go smell the trees every now and then and immerse onesself in the beauty of the lakes and mountains just a few hours northeast of us.

When my husband and I started dating in the mid 90’s, we enjoyed any time spent in northern Idaho, specifically the Coeur d’Alene and Sandpoint areas.  We would often drive up there for the day, just to visit the resort and lake atmosphere where there was always something going on no matter the season.  There is Christmas tree lighting and Fourth of July fireworks, as well as shows featuring art, wooden boats and classic cars.  These lake communities seemed to have it all, and we treasured our time there.   It may sound funny, but one of the things we missed most during our 6 ½ years in Hawaii was the lack of proximity to these northern Idaho locales.  Even with the beautiful beaches of Hawaii, there is just something special about the smell of pine needles.

So after years of staying in hotels and camping at the local RV spots, last September we finally agreed that we wanted to own a piece of northern Idaho.  We found something in our price range, an adorable brand new 732 square foot bungalow at the Dover Bay Resort, just a three mile bike ride from Sandpoint, and near Lake Pend Oreille and the Schweitzer Ski Area.  The resort sits on the shores of the Pend Oreille River, and offers great amenities.  Our bungalow is named “Livin’ the Dream,” and although it is in the resort rental pool we use it almost every other week for 3-4 days.  We have several friends in the area, and love all of the local restaurants, shops, and outdoor activities, as well as the laid back lifestyle found in Sandpoint. For more information on the resort, you can visit http://www.doverbayidaho.com.

And now, without further ado, here is our Bungalow Home Tour:




Living Room



Living Room Fireplace



North Bedroom





South Bedroom




South Bathroom


As you can see from the photos, this bungalow is small, but packs a lot of convenience into the space!

Good tidings from Northern Idaho,


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